There are a few restrictions to tattoo removal: 

* Previous Tattoo Removal Allergic Reaction

* Lupus Or Other Auto-Immune Deficiency

* Currently Pregnant Or Trying To Become Pregnant  

* Breast Feeding

* Graves Disease(Hyperthyroidism) / Hashimotos Disease (Hypothyroidism) And/Or Treatment With Thyroxine

* Bleeding Abnormalities

* Blood Thinning Medication (Except Low Dose 75Mg Aspirin)

* Keloid Or Very Thick Scarring

* Vitiligo  

* Rheumatoid Arthritis “Gold” Therapy

* Acute Or Chronic Renal Failure

* Photodynamic Therapy (Pdt) Within Last 3 Months

* Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy Within Last 3 Months

* Multiple Sclerosis

* Malignancy

* Chronic Disease (Crohn’s Disease, Ibd, Etc.)

* Active Infections, Signs Of Irritation Or Inflammatory Skin Conditions At Treatment Site

* Thrombocytopenia

* Collagen Vascular Diseases

* Users Of St. John's Wort (Herbal Remedy) In The Past 3 Months

* Peripheral Vascular Disease

* Hiv  

* Hepatitis  

* Anaemia

Please note that my machine is limited to treatments on skin types 1-4 on the Fitzpatrick scale.